Flowers for Kate

LuAnn was one of the kids in the neighborhood when my kids were growing up. And she, like them, did grow up and she did so in a way that some of us never do. LuAnn wrote this:

Flowers for Kate

For all who know me, you know I am the very proud mom of two beautiful girls, one of whom happens to be multiply handicapped.  As I look forward to Kate’s 21st birthday, I feel God’s divine presence.  It is not the celebration I anticipated, but it is indeed a day to celebrate. 

Nineteen years ago, we feared this day would never come.  After a very long surgery and subsequent days of crisis, we sat across the table from a group of doctors who told us that our precious daughter may not survive and that if she did she would most likely be in a persistent vegetative state, maybe living to be a young teenager.  Her eyes did not see, it appeared she did not hear.  When I was finally able to hold her again, she lay in my arms like a limp rag doll.  I was certain God had given me a cross greater than I could bear.  I screamed, I cried, I prayed and then began the process of reinventing life as I knew it.

 Nineteen years later, I see a miracle.  It is not the miracle I prayed for, but it is God’s miracle none-the-less.  Eloquent words don’t flow from her mouth, but she has become my greatest teacher.  Because of Kate, my life is filled with some of the most compassionate, loving people I have ever met.  Every time she reaches out her hand to me or gives me a fleeting, crooked smile, I feel the loving hand of God. 

Everyday that I have with Kate is a gift.  It is that way with all of our precious children.  I marvel at the children’s voices raised in song, the little hands folded in prayer.  Rejoice in the good times and the stressful times, because in all we are witnessing the miracle of God’s love. 

To my beautiful Kate, my forever baby, mommy loves you!  Happy birthday! 

To all who have so graciously chosen to walk this walk with me, I am eternally grateful.  To my great and loving Father in Heaven, thank you for knowing what I need before I can even begin to imagine!   I thank you for blessings bestowed!

                                                                  In Him,

                                                              LuAnn Walsh

LuAnn is having a 21st birthday party for Kate and has invited all her friends to help celebrate the occasion. You are indeed blessed LuAnn and we in turn are blessed by you in your positive attitude. I am in awe of you … one of those who has touched my life and left me the better for that touch.

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One Response to Flowers for Kate

  1. Karen says:

    LuAnn, I am a reader on my friend, Don’s page and I was touched by your Flowers for Kate story. It reminded me a an interview I saw once. The reporter asked the mother of a low functioning Down’s child if it might have been easier if the child had never been born. The mother replied that it might have been easier, but not better.

    God bless you and your family,
    Karen Keller

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